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Complete Details of Marital Property Liquidation in Turkey

Our Turkish family lawyers provide legal consultancy, advocacy, and mediation services in all matters related to divorce including marital property liquidation in Turkey. We represent clients in compensation, alimony, custody, and liquidation of property regimes, as a divorce lawyer and mediator in property division lawsuits and other divorce cases.

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In case of a divorce decision by the Family Court, the property regime is deemed to have ended as of the date of the lawsuit. In other words, in this case, the assets and liabilities acquired in the marriage union are evaluated and marital property liquidation in Turkey starts according to the situation at the date of the divorce case.

However, it is not sufficient to file a divorce case for the marital property liquidation regime. In the case of liquidation of the property regime, which was opened while the divorce case is still ongoing, the outcome of the divorce case must be awaited.

Until the divorce case is concluded, the property regime case cannot be decided. Because in the case of the continuation of the marriage union, the participation share will not arise and the legal condition for the marital property liquidation regime will not occur.

Marital Property Liquidation in Turkey

Conditions of the Liquidation

At the end of the divorce case, issues such as custody, compensation, alimony as well as the marital property liquidation come to the fore. Property regimes are important in the post-divorce period. Particularly the regime of joining the acquired property, which is the legal property regime, and the property separation regime, which is frequently seen, should be well learned by the spouses.

When the Marital Property Liquidation Starts?

The liquidation of marital property regime as a result of divorce, known as the property division case, is regulated in Articles 202 and the following of the Turkish Civil Code. Accordingly, the legal property regime between the spouses is the regime of participation in the acquired property. If the spouses have not determined another property regime between them, they will be subject to this property regime by law.

In Article 203 of the the Turkish Civil Code, it is stated that the property regime contract can be made before or after marriage, and it has set a form condition for this contract to be valid. According to Article 205 of the Turkish Civil Code, in order for the goods regime contract to be valid, it must be notarized or the contract must be notarized.

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  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings
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  • Divorce due to adultery
  • Removal of the violent spouse from the home

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