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What is Mobbing Under Turkish Law?

Our employment lawyers guide clients on the concept of mobbing under Turkish law, explore its rules and regulations, and shed light on the crucial role of labor lawyer services in addressing such workplace issues.

In the realm of employment law, the issue of mobbing has garnered significant attention as an unfortunate reality in workplaces worldwide. Turkey, as a progressive country with robust labor laws, has not turned a blind eye to this pressing matter.

What is Mobbing Under Turkish Law?

Mobbing, known as “mobbing” or “psychological harassment” in Turkish law, refers to systematic and repeated hostile behavior, humiliation, or intimidation directed towards an individual at the workplace. Such acts may aim to isolate, belittle, or marginalize the targeted individual, causing emotional distress and negatively impacting their work performance and well-being.

Mobbing Under Turkish Law

Rules and Regulations

Turkish law takes a firm stance against mobbing to ensure a fair and healthy work environment for all employees. The primary legislation addressing this issue is Turkish Labor Law No. 4857, which includes provisions to protect employees from psychological harassment in the workplace. The key points include:

  1. Definition of Mobbing: Turkish Labor Law defines mobbing as a form of discrimination and harassment, making it illegal and subject to legal consequences.
  2. Employer’s Duty: Employers are responsible for preventing and addressing mobbing incidents in the workplace. They must take proactive measures to create a safe and respectful work environment.
  3. Reporting Mechanisms: Turkish law encourages employees to report mobbing incidents promptly and provides protection against any retaliation for reporting such cases.
  4. Investigation and Disciplinary Actions: Upon receiving a mobbing complaint, employers are obligated to conduct a thorough investigation. If proven, appropriate disciplinary actions must be taken against the perpetrator.
  5. Compensation: Victims of mobbing have the right to claim compensation for any damages they have suffered due to the harassment.

Labor Lawyer Services

Navigating mobbing cases under Turkish law can be complex, involving legal procedures and specific documentation requirements. In such instances, seeking the expertise of a qualified labor lawyer becomes crucial. Labor lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of employment law and can provide the following services:

  1. Legal Consultation: Labor lawyers can offer expert advice on identifying mobbing incidents, understanding employees’ rights, and explaining the legal process for filing a complaint.
  2. Case Representation: A labor lawyer can represent the victim throughout the legal proceedings, ensuring their rights are protected, and seeking fair compensation on their behalf.
  3. Mediation and Negotiation: In some cases, labor lawyers can mediate between the parties involved to reach an amicable resolution without resorting to lengthy court battles.
  4. Document Preparation: Labor lawyers can assist in gathering evidence, preparing legal documentation, and filing the necessary paperwork for a mobbing case.

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Mobbing in the workplace is a serious issue that demands proactive measures from employers and employees alike. Turkish labor law provides comprehensive protection against mobbing, ensuring a fair and respectful work environment.

If you find yourself facing mobbing or harassment at your workplace, seeking the guidance of an experienced labor lawyer can significantly strengthen your case and help you assert your rights under Turkish law.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the distressing effects of mobbing at your workplace don’t suffer in silence and contact our expert labor lawyers for compassionate guidance and legal representation.

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