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Full Details of Divorce Grounds in Turkey

Akkas & Associates Law Firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the legal framework surrounding divorce grounds in Turkey. Divorce is a complex legal process that involves the termination of a marriage contract, carrying both emotional and legal implications.

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For individuals navigating divorce in Turkey, a clear understanding of the permissible grounds for divorce is essential. Chapter 2 of the Turkish Civil Code provides the details of divorce grounds in Turkey for a divorce or separation in Turkey.

Understanding Divorce Grounds in Turkey

Turkey’s legal landscape for divorce is shaped by the Turkish Civil Code (TCC), which outlines the criteria for granting a divorce. Prospective divorcees must meet specific conditions outlined in the law. The TCC recognizes a range of grounds for divorce, including both fault-based and no-fault grounds.

  1. Adultery (Zina): Adultery remains a substantial fault-based ground for divorce in Turkey. The engagement of a spouse in extramarital affairs is viewed as a betrayal of the marriage covenant, leading to significant harm to the relationship.
  2. Cruelty or Mental Agony: Divorce can be sought on the grounds of cruelty, where one spouse subjects the other to physical or emotional maltreatment that leads to severe mental anguish. Such behavior is considered a breach of marital obligations.
  3. Abandonment: When a spouse intentionally abandons the other for an extended period without justifiable reason, the abandoned party may pursue divorce. Abandonment is seen as a breach of the duty to provide emotional and material support.
  4. Incurable Mental Illness: Divorce can be granted if one spouse is afflicted with an incurable mental illness that prevents the continuation of the marriage. This ground ensures that the mental well-being of both parties is taken into account.
  5. Conviction of a Crime: If one spouse is convicted of a crime and sentenced to a lengthy prison term, the other spouse may seek a divorce. This ground acknowledges the challenges posed by a spouse’s prolonged absence due to incarceration.
  6. Substance Abuse or Addiction: A spouse’s persistent substance abuse or addiction can lead to the dissolution of the marriage. Such behavior can contribute to the breakdown of trust and the inability to maintain a healthy partnership.
  7. Economic Imbalance: In cases of severe economic inequality between spouses, where one spouse consistently fails to provide the necessary financial support, divorce can be pursued. This ground aims to ensure fair treatment and economic stability.
  8. Separation of Three Years: A no-fault ground for divorce arises when the spouses have been living separately for three consecutive years. This reflects a recognition of the irreversible breakdown of the marriage.
Divorce Grounds in Turkey

Navigating the Divorce Process

At Akkas & Associates Law Firm, we understand the emotional and legal intricacies involved in divorce proceedings. Our seasoned legal experts are committed to guiding clients through every phase of the divorce journey. From initial consultation to final resolution, we offer tailored legal guidance that prioritizes our clients’ rights and interests.

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Divorce is a significant life transition that necessitates a profound understanding of the legal grounds for dissolution. Akkas & Associates Law Firm, a prominent legal entity in Turkey, is poised to provide invaluable assistance to individuals seeking clarity on divorce grounds.

Our unwavering dedication to client-centric solutions ensures that clients receive expert advice and strategic representation during this challenging time. To explore the diverse grounds for divorce in Turkey and the legal support we provide, contact Akkas & Associates Law Firm today.

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