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Full Details for Divorce Due to Desertion in Turkey

Our Turkish family lawyers provide legal consultancy, advocacy, and mediation services in all matters related to divorce due to desertion in Turkey. We represent clients in compensation, alimony, custody, and liquidation of property regimes, as a divorce lawyer and mediator in property division lawsuits and other divorce cases.

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Reasons for divorce In the Turkish Civil Code, the reasons for divorce are divided into two as special and general reasons. Adultery, intention to live, very bad or dishonorable behavior, committing a crime and leading a dishonorable life, abandonment & desertion, and mental illness are shown as specific grounds for divorce.

As the general reasons for divorce, the deterioration of the marital union, the divorce by agreement of the spouses, and the fact that the spouses do not come together for three years after a divorce rejection is considered de facto separation.

Divorce Due to Desertion in Turkey

Laws for Divorce Due to Desertion in Turkey

In accordance with Article 164 of the Turkish Civil Code, one of the spouses in order not to fulfill their obligations arising from the union of marriage; if he leaves his wife or leaves his wife without a just cause and does not return for at least six months if this situation continues and as a result, the warning made by the judge upon request is inconclusive; The divorced spouse has the right to file for divorce.

What should be understood without leaving is not leaving the common life, but ending the common life. Military service, being in prison, illness, business travel, and similar withdrawals from common life cannot be considered abandonment & desertion.

In the event that at least six months have passed from the date of abandonment & desertion, the abandoned spouse will apply to the court and request a warning for the spouse to return. In the warning, the leaving spouse is invited to return to the common house and the consequences of not following the warning and not returning to the common home are reported.

The spouse is given two months after the warning to return. If the spouse does not return within this period, the divorced spouse can strike a warning again. In order to file a divorce case, a second warning cannot be requested within six months from the date of the first warning. If the leaving spouse is abroad, an invitation must be sent abroad.

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  • Uncontested divorce case
  • Contested divorce case
  • Litigation of the property regime
  • Alimony and compensation cases
  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings
  • Custody Cases
  • Divorce due to desertion in Turkey
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  • Abandonment and desertion in divorce in Turkey
  • Collection of alimony and compensation receivables
  • Divorce due to adultery
  • Removal of the violent spouse from the home

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